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Agenda 2030

17 SDGs and 169 targets to be achieved by countries.

Global challenges multiply in scale and diversity. To overcome or reduce them, planetary leaders, such as statesmen, businessmen, scientists, educators and many others from civil society, have long sought to guide their actions in a global agenda of common objectives.

In 2015, under the seal of the UN, these proposals became the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), signed by 193 countries. Divided into 17 objectives and 169 targets, the SDGs make up the 2030 Agenda, summarizing commitments made for the fifteen subsequent years. This is the largest pact between leaders and planetary organizations until today signed, in the direction of a more developed, inclusive world


The relevance of the SDGs transcends borders and involves the most notable global influences. Due to its fulfillment, actions never imagined are being developed. And this repercussion reached Brazil, through representations of public power, private organizations and the third sector.

Getting to know the SDGs more deeply has become a desire and duty of national organizations committed to the true destiny of humanity. And for all the ramifications arising from this commitment, it also became an excellent business opportunity, based on the strong possibilities of institutional and financial returns.


All projects developed by THE PLANET are inspired by the 17 UN SDGs. 

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