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Gilda Gomes


Born in Salvador (BA), she is a climate activist, business administrator, with specializations in International Tourism (Faculty of Antwerp, Belgium) and Sustainability Management, Sustainability Designer and Project Management, all from FGV.

After graduation with Al Gore, Nobel Peace Prize and former vice president of the United States, CEO of the Climate Reality Project, he created The Planet, together with Ricardo Júdice, with a proposal to bring social, environmental and economic transformation to organizations that need it. implant sustainability, boosting its undertakings with a new low-carbon development responsibility.

Lecturer and consultant, with a history of acting in dozens of organizations and events, in Brazil and abroad. Author of several national and international projects in the area of corporate sustainability and the fight against global warming, with numerous cases of great success, always based on valuing brands, from cost reduction and implementation of strong market differentials.


Ricardo Jídice


Born in Belo Horizonte (MG), he is an economist and historian (UFMG), specializing in Sustainability Applied to Business (FGV).

He has been a teacher for 30 years, during which time he was also the Administrative and Teaching Director of a large number of educational institutions, including renowned Teaching Networks.

He gave hundreds of lectures, for business and academic circles throughout Brazil, dealing with topics related to Sustainability, Education, General History and History of Brazil, 

Market Analysis and Perspectives, Business Management, Leadership, Marketing and Innovation, participating as a speaker, mediator/anchor and coordinator of dozens of Congresses and Forums in the country.

Currently, he is a speaker and analyst of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for organizations of all sizes, where he also works in areas such as management, education, sustainability and entertainment, as a consultant and trainer, having in his curriculum a large number of recognized successful project cases.

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